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Trenninie Dreieck Sehr Dunkel



It is a word from Africa: Karimu

Kiswahili is the language from which the word Karimu comes. It means hospitality, generosity, generosity. Kiswahili, also known as Swahili, is a Bantu language and is spoken in East Africa. The Karimu International Conference Center is a place of hospitality. We believe in a God whom we experience as generous and who wants good things for our lives. The word Karimu sums this up for us and we want to pass on this hospitality and generosity to our guests.
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Karimu is part of Wycliff e. V.

A heart for languages, people & the bible

The International Conference Center was built in 2016 and is part of Wycliff e. V., which is also located on the Holzhausen site.

The Wycliff Association is a non-profit, internationally active Christian organization that is particularly committed to the unnoticed ethnic minorities.

The main focus of its work is

The association is also involved in social and diaconal projects and the training of employees in the respective country.
Wycliffe Germany is part of the worldwide „Wycliffe Global Alliance“.

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Investing in education & team spirit

Wycliff e. V. organizes camps, seminars, conferences and other events that promote and support the work of Wycliff. The association maintains contact with support groups in churches, free churches, communities, universities, theological training centres and similar organizations and institutions.

The courses and educational programs at the conference center include training modules in applied linguistics, ethnology and Bible translation. This implements the purpose of the association. The purpose of Wycliff e. V. is the promotion of science and research, the promotion of religion, the promotion of development cooperation and the promotion of charitable purposes.

Trenninie Dreieck Dunkel
Trenninie Dreieck Sehr Dunkel